Sunday Pancake day

Sunday Pancake day

Let’s talk about pancakes, shall we?

I don’t know about you, but I just simply love them. For me, it’s a real joy on a Sunday morning to wake up later than usual and prepare the yummiest breakfast ever. It makes the day even more special. And why not do a healthy version of America’s (and my) favorite breakfast food?

A friend of mine taught me this recipe. Her nutritionist gave her the recipe so she could have a balanced pre-workout food while she was training. Here I will give you the normal recipe, and my own modified vegan version, which is the one I’ve been doing lately.

Here is what you will need:


Normal recipe:
1 banana 🍌
1 egg
3 spoons of oat bran

Vegan Recipe:

1 organic banana 🍌

1/4 cup of almond milk
2 tbsp of chia seeds
3 spoons of oat bran
Blend it all together, pour it in the pan (don’t forget to spray it with your favorite oil – I prefer coconut, but even some drops of olive oil work fine).

Set the fire to medium-low. Wait for it cook (the vegan pancake takes a little bit more time and patience) flip it to cook evenly, and voilá, it’s ready!

Decorate your beautiful pancake as you like! I usually use strawberries, blueberries, and honey. (If you are vegan use agave nectar instead of honey)

IMG_3770       IMG_2516

Make it your Sunday morning breakfast (or everyday breakfast!) and enjoy!

Peace always – Artemis

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