Hello, Lovelies!

I’m a Brazilian born with a Californian heart, sharing my love for the written word. I started writing when I was just a kid. One of my mom’s favorite stories is about how I use to “talk” with an old tree in my school and shared its stories and knowledge with her. I named it the Old Wisdom tree (I swear I was six, lived in São Paulo, and had no idea what Los Angeles was). When I got my first computer (my dad’s work computer passed on to my brother), I wrote stories about a Lion and a Turtle’s race, a Witch and a Fairy who were friends, and many others. Little did I know, I was showing signs of my future love.

My goal is to be a published YA author. I’ve self-published my first novel, United five, which you can find either on Amazon for USD 1.00 or for free on Wattpad.

Some of my favorite book series are: Harry Potter, anything related to Percy Jackson (I heart Rick Riordan!), The Hunger Games, I Am Number Four, and many more.

While I’m working toward my goal of traditionally publishing my second book, here I will talk about the writing craft, review some of my recent reads, and sometimes about life and love.

Come join me on this journey!

Share your thoughts with me

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