1/4 of a Century

1/4 of a Century

Hello guys,

So on April 18th, I turned 25, which means I’m one-quarter of a century old. That’s right, I’m not on my early twenties anymore.

But, I’m glad I’m aging because I have been learning and growing so much, and like I always say, change is good.

For this special age, I’ve decided to create a bucket list of 25 things I must do on the year of my 25th birthday.

I’ve written down a wide range of things, from doing hang-gliding to learning how to drive a stick shift, to getting a tattoo. So far I have seven things completed, but I still have many more to finish.

It’s been fun so far, and the best part is that I’ve shared my list with my friends, so not only they help me complete my list, but also I have a commitment of finishing it because other people besides me know about my challenge.

I’ve been reading a book called The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey, and he discusses how in order to be trusted we need to trust ourselves. And sometimes we mine our own trust by setting up goals and not accomplishing them, like for example when we set the alarm earlier to go workout but we wake up, turn it off, and just go back to sleep. This small act is making ourselves less trustworthy, and even worse, is making us stop trusting ourselves.

So, I encourage you to try doing the same thing. You know those things you always wanted to do but was always too lazy, too busy, or just forgot to do it? Write them down now and challenge yourself to complete them. See it as a mission and set a date for you to complete your list.

I bet you will feel more accomplished and empowered just like I have been feeling.

Peace always,


Wisdom Tree.

Wisdom Tree.

Hello, lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but I can live in a place for a long time and still not know all of the amazing sightseeing.

I’ve lived in São Paulo, Brazil for almost my entire young life, and I don’t know many of the great cultural and singular places. I also lived in LA for four years before going to interesting and cool places, including the amazing Wisdom Tree hike. Fortunately, I’ve corrected this mistake at beginning of the year.



The Wisdom tree is located at the top of Cahuenga Peak, west of the Hollywood sign, and is famously known for being the only tree on top of the mountain. Yes, that tree is a loner. There are many legends surrounding the appearance of that tree, but the one most commonly known is that a fire burned the entire mountain years ago, and the marvelous tree was the only one that survived. Tragic, yet poetic, no?

The hike takes about two to three hours, depending if you decide to continue on the path to the back of the Hollywood sign. For me, it was a great experience. The view is simply amazing, where you can see the city stretching for miles and miles beneath your eyes. Suddenly you feel so small, yet you feel like a part of that never-ending sea of people.

THE HOLL of the Hollywood sign:


The exercise feels great because you really have to push your legs and lungs on your way up. At the top of the mountain, beneath the tree, lies a box full of people’s thoughts, poems, drawings, and love declarations. If you feel like sharing, make sure to leave your insights in that box, or you can just sit on a rock and read some of the people’s creations.

Take a friend with you to make the experience even more fun, and make sure to look up and around, so you can really absorb the beauty and wonders of the place. But be really careful, on your way down it can get very slippery (trust me, I fell on my butt in front of a lot of people).

Get out of your comfort zone! Every single city has something amazing to be discovered by you. Even your own city. The more you see from this world, the more you will be fulfilled as a human being. We are part of this planet earth, so you better get a head start on knowing your home.

IMG_5113        IMG_5107      IMG_5108


Up, up we go!

Up, up we go!

I’ve been debating lately whether I should give blogging a chance or not. I’ve decided on the former.

I will use this space to talk about things that intrigue me, or that I love. So be prepared for a lot of posts about traveling, books, writing, cooking and even relationships.

To start I will tell you that due to my work, I end up taking lots and lots of flights per month, besides the ones I take for actual vacations. My best friend even stopped asking me ‘how are you?’ to begin our conversations. Now she asks me: ‘where are you?’ To make a joke of the situation, I started sending her my hellos followed by my location with #whereisfernandaintheworld. That’s where I got the idea for the blog name.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and that you also share your crazy flying schedule as well as any other subject that may appear on this page.

A fun fact about the featured image in this post: it was from when I took eight flights in only one week. You can imagine endless sleepless nights mashed with waking up early at five in the morning. Even though it was tiring, (and trust me my back feels like a ninety-year-old after that) all the traveling was really fun. I got to meet places like Birmingham, AL, Savannah, GA, and St. Augustine, FL.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to discover some amazing things.

Be kind and peace always