Poem Moment

Poem Moment

I was going through my journal and found an old poem I wrote two years ago. It made me realize how some things might seem that will destroy you as if you wouldn’t be able to pass through it. But then, time passes and you are okay, and whole again. We need to remember that we don’t need to put our faith or happiness on people. They should be part of it and grow from it, but they shouldn’t be the source of it. We need to learn how to be complete on our own, so people will come and share their “complete” with you, and more and more will be added to who you are.

With that being said, I am sharing the poem I wrote, because even if it’s not a part of who I am anymore, it was a part of me for quite some time. Some people might see themselves in the poem, or recognize the feelings they are having. So, for those who do I say, “It’s okay, you will get through whatever is haunting your soul, and it won’t kill you. It will make you stronger.”

Unnamed Poem:

To say okay, when you are not okay

To smile, when you want to cry

To pretend you don’t care, when you do

It’s all a mask, it’s all a lie

It’s a cry for help that you are failing to see

I’m hurting inside, how can it be?

That you neglect me when I’m near

Don’t try to find me when I disappear

But if I do, would you miss me?

Or shed a tear and move on quickly

When I would break if you ever left me. 


I didn’t break. I’m still here, and so are all of you.



Healthy Heart.

Healthy Heart.


One of these days I went to do my annual health check-up. I lied down on the bed for my electrocardiogram, and after a few minutes, the nurse asks me if I play any sports, or if I work out.

I answered that I try to work out at least three times a week, then she said, “I see. You have an athlete’s heart.”  That means that when I’m resting, my heartbeat is under 50.

For me, that was the best compliment I could hear. It completely made my day better. Of course, it’s awesome to hear people asking you if you work out because your body is toned, but still, hearing that your heart is healthy because you exercise is even better. You should work out for your health so you can have a better life quality. The toned body will come with time, as a consequence, not as the goal.

However, you should always know your body limits. It’s a great idea to check with your doctor (especially your cardiologist) to know if you are allowed to do certain exercises, that way you won’t injure yourself.

But when you do hit the gym, the park, the beach or wherever you go to exercise, remember to respect your body and to focus on your health. So eat well, sleep well and be kind with yourself. You will see the results, and better yet, you will feel them.

Remember, balance is the key in life.