Why Being in Love Means Being a Fool?

Why Being in Love Means Being a Fool?

I’ve been thinking about love lately, not just love but feelings in general. How many times I’ve seen friends being in love and hearing that they are a fool for it? And the more I think about it, the more terrified I become with the conclusion that people are so afraid of feeling something that they rather hurt someone else instead of being vulnerable and be hurt. Even worse: people are so self-centered that they can’t see outside their range.

I’m not talking about guys being jerks, or girls being shallow or none of those typical things you might hear. I’m talking about people in general. About how one person will try everything to grab your attention, while you are after someone else, and that person is after someone else, so we never find an end to that circle.

In a world where girls fight the standards to scream their independence, guys have to learn more and more how to live and share the duties of a home, where people are so “connected” instantly and language barriers are broken, still we seem to drift more and more apart from one another. Why is that?

I feel like people are scared of wanting something. Even if they say “that’s how I want someone”, they might run away when that person comes popping in their lives because they might not be ready for that. Or better yet, they might not be ready to have someone who will have so much power over them, because knowing someone may hurt you is extremely scary. So we close ourselves up in our own world, gathering a list of lovers one right after the other, always having someone to massage our ego, so we don’t have to face the truth that one person might make you feel more than all those others.

We say we want something, but when we find it, we build walls up against it. Doesn’t make sense, right? I’m not saying that we should live like romance books, where all is perfect and love is stronger than anything else. Those things are beautiful for the stories, but they are not real. Those people are not real, and no matter how many flaws a writer can give them, you can’t flush them out of the page.

No. I’m talking about people who will make you happy and laugh, who will disappoint you because you create certain expectations in your head, who will support you and fail you, who will fight you, and, sometimes, who will just be there, with none of these extreme feelings that you encounter in the pages of a novel.

Perhaps you will meet someone who will make you feel differently, and I pray that you have the courage to tell that person how you feel–which most of us lack to do. We just keep pretending that we don’t care until that person walks out of our life.

If not, you might just keep living life like a ghost, just bumping into the next person and the next, to keep pretending that you are strong or wanted.

I’m not saying that we are incomplete without someone else, not by far. I believe we all come to this life as a whole, and we can live, breathe, build a career, follow our dreams all on our own. What I’m saying is, maybe someone could be there with you, cheering you, challenging you, or helping you put your feet on the ground sometimes.

So my wish for you is to be weak and be a fool. But don’t be a fool with closed eyes and guarded heart, because you might miss something or someone who can change your life.


Re-learning How to be Creative.

Re-learning How to be Creative.

Ok, so let me ask you something. Creativity is a talent, right?


I used to think that too until recently I’ve stumbled upon a course taught here in Brazil by a comedian Entrepreneur, Murilo Gun, who decided it was time to break the traditional thought that some people are creative while others aren’t.

His whole course is based upon the idea that everyone is born creative, but as we grow up, we start getting blocked from the way society makes us behave. We lose that childlike innocent creativity where everything we see is considered input for creative thoughts.

I have been suffering from creative block since I started working in a more traditional logical job, and haven’t been my normal self since then. So, I decided to take a shot at the course to see if it would help me re-learn how to be creative.

The course hasn’t started yet, however, all the “students” already created a group on facebook and on Whatsapp so we could start getting to know each other and share our experiences of the course as we move forward.

For me, just that experience is already worthy enough. Imagine about a hundred people, from different cities, backgrounds, ages, jobs, hobbies, personalities, but all with one goal of re-learning how to be creative? It’s the most incredible experience ever!

Everyone is so funny and interactive, and they all have something different to offer or to teach you that sometimes it’s even hard to keep up. I’ve been having a blast just by knowing all these crazy people just like me and felt as if I was back on the first day of college where everyone was friends with each other and we were all so united. Some of those people are still my friends, and I can only hope to come out with more friends from this new experience.

I have a feeling that they will help me towards my creative path, and that we will all have a great experience together.

So if you are feeling like you need a change, why don’t you try starting a new class somewhere? Something different and unique, with people who have the same goal as you? Get out of your shell and try meeting new people! If you are open minded and respectful of everyone’s differences, you can only come out with more knowledge about human beings and perhaps you can even change your mind about pre-conceived ideas.

Happy Creative thoughts,




Healthy Heart.

Healthy Heart.


One of these days I went to do my annual health check-up. I lied down on the bed for my electrocardiogram, and after a few minutes, the nurse asks me if I play any sports, or if I work out.

I answered that I try to work out at least three times a week, then she said, “I see. You have an athlete’s heart.”  That means that when I’m resting, my heartbeat is under 50.

For me, that was the best compliment I could hear. It completely made my day better. Of course, it’s awesome to hear people asking you if you work out because your body is toned, but still, hearing that your heart is healthy because you exercise is even better. You should work out for your health so you can have a better life quality. The toned body will come with time, as a consequence, not as the goal.

However, you should always know your body limits. It’s a great idea to check with your doctor (especially your cardiologist) to know if you are allowed to do certain exercises, that way you won’t injure yourself.

But when you do hit the gym, the park, the beach or wherever you go to exercise, remember to respect your body and to focus on your health. So eat well, sleep well and be kind with yourself. You will see the results, and better yet, you will feel them.

Remember, balance is the key in life.

Wisdom Tree.

Wisdom Tree.

Hello, lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but I can live in a place for a long time and still not know all of the amazing sightseeing.

I’ve lived in São Paulo, Brazil for almost my entire young life, and I don’t know many of the great cultural and singular places. I also lived in LA for four years before going to interesting and cool places, including the amazing Wisdom Tree hike. Fortunately, I’ve corrected this mistake at beginning of the year.



The Wisdom tree is located at the top of Cahuenga Peak, west of the Hollywood sign, and is famously known for being the only tree on top of the mountain. Yes, that tree is a loner. There are many legends surrounding the appearance of that tree, but the one most commonly known is that a fire burned the entire mountain years ago, and the marvelous tree was the only one that survived. Tragic, yet poetic, no?

The hike takes about two to three hours, depending if you decide to continue on the path to the back of the Hollywood sign. For me, it was a great experience. The view is simply amazing, where you can see the city stretching for miles and miles beneath your eyes. Suddenly you feel so small, yet you feel like a part of that never-ending sea of people.

THE HOLL of the Hollywood sign:


The exercise feels great because you really have to push your legs and lungs on your way up. At the top of the mountain, beneath the tree, lies a box full of people’s thoughts, poems, drawings, and love declarations. If you feel like sharing, make sure to leave your insights in that box, or you can just sit on a rock and read some of the people’s creations.

Take a friend with you to make the experience even more fun, and make sure to look up and around, so you can really absorb the beauty and wonders of the place. But be really careful, on your way down it can get very slippery (trust me, I fell on my butt in front of a lot of people).

Get out of your comfort zone! Every single city has something amazing to be discovered by you. Even your own city. The more you see from this world, the more you will be fulfilled as a human being. We are part of this planet earth, so you better get a head start on knowing your home.

IMG_5113        IMG_5107      IMG_5108


Up, up we go!

Up, up we go!

I’ve been debating lately whether I should give blogging a chance or not. I’ve decided on the former.

I will use this space to talk about things that intrigue me, or that I love. So be prepared for a lot of posts about traveling, books, writing, cooking and even relationships.

To start I will tell you that due to my work, I end up taking lots and lots of flights per month, besides the ones I take for actual vacations. My best friend even stopped asking me ‘how are you?’ to begin our conversations. Now she asks me: ‘where are you?’ To make a joke of the situation, I started sending her my hellos followed by my location with #whereisfernandaintheworld. That’s where I got the idea for the blog name.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and that you also share your crazy flying schedule as well as any other subject that may appear on this page.

A fun fact about the featured image in this post: it was from when I took eight flights in only one week. You can imagine endless sleepless nights mashed with waking up early at five in the morning. Even though it was tiring, (and trust me my back feels like a ninety-year-old after that) all the traveling was really fun. I got to meet places like Birmingham, AL, Savannah, GA, and St. Augustine, FL.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to discover some amazing things.

Be kind and peace always